Something About Ali...
By siennaisa
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"She craved no other." _________ { the third book in the SAAM series} It's been just under two years since Magnus and Alice last saw each other. With Magnus now at Oxford University in the U.K, he barely has time, or reluctantly wants to, think about the life he left behind in Canada. With new friends and new priorities, it's become easier and easier to forget. That is until a big part of that past life shows up in the present. Reopening an old wound is not something Magnus or Alice want to do, so Magnus tries to keep his distance... even when she ends up being in such a close vicinity to him through no fault of her own. However, that ideal drastically changes when one of Magnus's friends starts taking a deeper interest in Alice... and the subtle game of cat and mouse begins to look like it might come to an end. Tensions start to run high, and some of Magnus's chaotic old habits that he wanted to leave behind him start to raise their heads again... Even when he told himself things were going to be different this time around. His new life might've been enough to satisfy him... but with Alice so close and yet so far from him at the same time, he can't seem to stop the suppressed and intense feelings from coming back, even if they were unwanted... at first. It seems like no matter the time or the place, Alice and Magnus always seems to take over each other's lives whether they want to or not. They have a craving for each other that no one else can seem to satisfy. ______________ "Non ducor duco." I am not led. I lead. siennaisa // 2020 All Rights Reserved.

S U M M A R Y & C H A R A C T E R S

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