An Odor of Deceptio...
By Gossiplanet
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He is a scheming man. His words are tersely formal, punctuated with a fullstop and a comma. She is a candid girl. Her words are softly striking, punctuated with an exclamation and a question mark. On one big day, Joseph Holden happens to meet a young, hazel-haired poor stricken girl, Ruby who looks like the deadspit of his mistress' long lost daughter. He is more about brains than brawn about his billion-dollar discovery. Without wasting his breath, he proposes a far reaching plan of subterfuge. The offer is beyond her wildest dreams and henceforth, it encourages her to supersede the tattered blanket and her dingy cell with a synthetic idyllic duvet coupled with a sombre and venerable mansion to live in. (Extended description inside) ⭐️Featured⭐️on wattpad's official @NewAdult reading list, "hold my stilettos" and "take a seat mature" ⭐Featured️⭐️ on wattpad's official @Newlywrittenbook, reading list "chicklit" ⭐️Featured⭐️ on wattpad's official @cupid profile, reading list "cupid in the city" ⭐️Featured⭐️ on wattpad's official @romance profile, reading list "#read together" Achievements: First place in Hypergraphia Awards 2020 "Romance category" Third place in Pantheon Awards 2020 "Chicklit category" ______________ [ previously known as "Rich Girl, Poor Girl ] _____________ [Updates coming every 3 days!] #SeranianAwards2020 #ASA2020 #YHA #projectdivinnne #SunflowerAwards


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An Odor o...
by Gossiplanet