Queendom: Beautiful...
By YeoliePanda
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Due to the banishment of her mother, Fourth Princess Iniko-Asha grew up in exile. Fifteen dry seasons later, she returns to Belbe's palace intending to catch up for the lost times. But life in the palace is not as the young girl had imagined. She finds it challenging to fit in and mingling with the other royal girls becomes tedious. When an accident leaves their father bedridden, her half-brother Crown Prince Nyennoh rules in the king's stead. With his best friend, Tau, as his right-hand man, Nyennoh proves his worthiness as the next successor. Tau-a child with no blood relations to the royals- is the full package of a prince. Favored with good looks and high confidence, he moves with an aura that screams power and never lets his guard down not even with his supposedly betrothed. But all it takes are Iniko's smiles and bright personality, and the walls of his heart start to crumble. Nyennoh's ascension to the throne begins a silent war for supremacy. It becomes lethal when the yearning demons of those craving control of the crown are fully reawakened. The fangs of terror dig in, claw at their lives and destiny weaves a story of love, survival, and loss.

Beautiful Scars

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by YeoliePanda