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Tony faces a tragic loss of both his parents merely two weeks before a new school year at Creakwood high. A piece of him had been ripped away, and he was hopping he could fill that hole with Charlie, his girlfriend. However, that doesn't exactly work out. In fact, it goes terribly wrong. But it wasn't all bad, the Wizard Stephen Strange was always there for him, and they only grew closer through the hardships of Tony's relationship. When it comes to the school field trip to San Francisco, Tony finds himself feeling unusual things for the Wizard. He tries to convince himself he's imagining it, but Tony couldn't help but long to kiss those lips of his. Months pass, and Tony and Stephen are a happy couple, like they always should have been. But when HYDRA steals his Wizard away, Tony is forced to open his mother's letter to find out why and how to save him. -()-()-()-()-()-()-()-()-()- This book will be updated randomly, at least twice a week. I love you all <3

Chapter One -()- Underwater

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Mine •...
by LocalMarvelSupaHero