Stranded with the R...
By what-she-said
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***MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*** Excerpt: "Haven't you ever done something you shouldn't, just because you wanted to?" He's close enough now that I can feel puffs of air as he speaks. I'm instantly covered in goosebumps. I know he could take them away, but I fight against the impulse. "It's not safe, Harry." None of this is-not the jump, not the temptation. He moves his free hand to the nape of my neck, trailing his thumb along my jaw slowly. "I know it's not safe, Sunny, but I'm not scared." Roma has lived a simple life, never imagining something like this would happen. Being stranded on an island, and with the world's biggest rock star! He's lazy, he only cares for himself, and knows nothing about surviving in this environment. Things couldn't get more bizarre until she discovers the feelings that seem to be growing between the two of them. Will they be able to survive? Or get rescued before it too late? And will they be able to resist the pull toward each other?


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by what-she-said