When Dead Men Bleed
By renesmeewolfe
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Zeke the zombie has anger issues. Problem number two? He, like everyone else, hates humans. Mythical creatures once lived behind an invisible barrier created by wizards, terrified of humans. The two worlds merged, the energy surge making the dead rise and the living fall. Terror ensued. Then the Bleeders appeared. Humans are dangerous. Bleeders are worse. Zeke is somewhere he shouldn't be: an illegal meetup place to see human fighting. He stupidly decides to take out some of his anger on the human in the ring. Knowing he has to be careful (one blow to his head from her bat could turn him Mindless), he wins, shoving a broken plank of wood through her chest. Her last blow turns into a scratch. Zombies don't bleed. So why is there blood running from his cheek? + + + Warning: includes violence, blood, and gore. + + + Posting 3/6/20


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When Dead...
by renesmeewolfe