When Dead Men Bleed...
By renesmeewolfe
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Humans are nearing extinction. They're hunted by the second worlders, mythical beings that took the world with force. Zeke, a fragile zombie, suddenly becomes an enemy to everything he once knew. He's always been a dead man walking. The only difference now... is that he bleeds. + + + Wattpad Exclusive. Will be entered into the Wattys 2020 [[word count: 75,000-80,000]] + + + FULL SUMMARY: Humans no longer rule this world. Zombies do. Second worlders used the apocalypse to their advantage. They hunted humans to the brink of extinction. And then the Bleeders rose. Humans are dangerous. Bleeders are worse. Zeke the zombie is somewhere he shouldn't be: a hole-in-the wall place to see illegal human fighting. He finds he bit off more than he can chew as the human he'd attacked scratches him. Zombies don't bleed. So why is there blood running from his cheek?

Introduction - Part 1

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When Dead...
by renesmeewolfe