FEUD: Season 1
By ASCharleston
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2020 Discoverfest Must-Read! It's been four years since the magical Wyatt family and the psionic Selfridge family called a truce to their centuries long war for Sunshine Beach. Now, these once rival supernatural bootleggers have found a peace and prosperity heretofore unknown throughout their acrimonious history. Everyone is making money. Everyone is free to practice their contrary spiritual beliefs without conflict. While all is not right with the world, it's pretty damn good. But, then Charlotte "Mac" Wyatt comes back town. Enigmatic, violent, sexually charged and mentally ill, Mac was a symbol of the world she left behind and her return a catalyst to bizarre, unstable future. Gregg Selfridge thought the past was dead and buried. He'd put his wild years behind him, the drinking, the cheating, the fighting, but most of all his tumultuous, clandestine love affair with Mac Wyatt. Her exile was conditional of the truce. After the fire that nearly burned Sunshine Beach to the ground, the Wyatts and Selfridges saw just what their violence had wrought and struck a tentative accord. Instrumental in the blaze, Mac had to go. And to Gregg's way of thinking, thank God, cause she took their lies with her. But, now that Mac has returned, the generational sins of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters will again come to light as old tensions, old grudges and old secrets threaten to reignite an inferno that could eat the Wyatts and Selfridges alive. Welcome to the twisted world of Sunshine Beach. Welcome to the Feud. -------------------------- Feud is a sprawling saga eschewing the standard novel format in lieu of a multi-thread serial in the vein of your favorite Netflix show. This book is Season 1 in the series, so if you like it, be sure to go to my profile page and add Season 2 to your reading list as well! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Ch. 1: Welcome Wagon

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FEUD: Sea...
by ASCharleston