The In-Between // a...
By cocastyle
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Y/N L/N never thought she would leave the comfort of Hawkins, Indiana, but after the events that left Hawkins flipped upside down, her parents were quick to rush her away from all the action and to a small town in Maine called Derry. she quickly became friends with a group of people who called themselves the Losers Club and finds out that Derry isn't so quiet and normal as her parents might have hoped for. but now it's 1987, three years after the Losers Club defeated It and two years after Y/N and the Party last defeated the Mind Flayer and demodogs, and both forces are back at full force, only this time they seemed to have teamed up to create an even bigger problem than either group had ever seen. there's only one way to stop the horrific events that are taking place and Y/N isn't so sure how it's all going to play out. then again, if she wants to save her friend and protect the lives of her family and friends, this would be the only way. it was time for the Party to meet the Losers Club | It x Stranger Things Crossover | { some Bill Denbrough x reader }


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The In-Be...
by cocastyle