The Bet (Completed)
By Honesty577
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When Jason and Darrelle make a bet involving Darrell's dating life, he thought it would be easy since women were usually his strong suit. What he didn't know is that he would end up with Nia Graham, a lawyer who became well known after defending a wrongly accused black man. Nia had been by herself for so long without a man, she had learned to live without one, her independent nature makes it difficult for Darrelle. Darrelle stays persistent knowing that the Preston deal would be his greatest deal yet, but when Darrelle finds himself falling for Nia will he end the bet? Sneak Peak "What about her?" Andre asked. "Who?" I asked he motioned to a group of women specifically the one sitting down, I couldnt really see her because of the dim lights and the group of friends she had around her. "No," "Why not?" Jason asked I took another sip before saying. "She is sitting with her friends," "And?" Andre asked. "Her friends are drunk," "And?" Jason asked confused. "She is the only one with a beer and look at how she continuously checks her phone every five second," "And?" "The beer isn't strong which means she is the designated driver her friends are drunk which means she has to leave soon, and the phone just shows that she would rather be anywhere but here, like she has much more important things to do. Which let's me know she probably won't give me the time of day because I'm not the most important thing in her life right now," "She is the one, she is the one you got to date"


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The Bet (...
by Honesty577