Disobey | Hwang Hyu...
By CuteChanxx
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"The stars?" He asked, his eyebrows furrowing up cutely as if he doesn't understand. "Yeah, you shine brighter than them," I replied, making my statement clearer for him to understand. "I'm not surprised," he said cockily, and I burst out laughing at him. -------------------------- Park Hyunjae, an 18 year old girl who just graduated high school, runs into Hwang Hyunjin, a boy who was mysterious and uncanny to her. Slowly, his identity unfolds right before her eyes as she discovers the shocking news of his mafia being. Falling in love with the boy, Hyunjae finds herself disobeying her parents and choosing the opposite path than the one they paved for her. Her life was at stake when she chose, what she presumed was, the right choice. Will she be able to justify her decision and change her parents' beliefs or fail and lose Hyunjin's love? He disobeyed the government, and she disobeyed her family. Cover by @MissDevoured Started: 15 / 9 / 2019 Ended: - WARNING: violence, cursing and abuse are included in this book. #kpopfanficawards2020 *ONGOING*

Chapter 1

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Disobey |...
by CuteChanxx