The Grace Chronicle...
By greenwriter
  • Paranormal
  • angels
  • apocalypse
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  • demigod
  • family
  • fantasy
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One autumn night in 2007, a guardian angel committed a mortal sin in exchange for a drop of blood. Eighteen years later, 25-year-old Rowan Stronghold cannot explain the constant headaches that interfere the ordinary university life he made for himself after he left the town of Cale and the comforts that came with the Stronghold name. Why is his hair turning silver and his eyes grey? Answers start to come when the familiar bartender at the bar he frequents makes his headaches disappear and asks questions Rowan thinks he should know the answers to. Meanwhile, Erin, trying to find answers for her vivid dreams and the mysterious birthmark she believes was given to her by purpose, also tries to battle against the strong attraction toward Rowan, the man she should see only as a brother and in time, an enemy. Haley, the vibrant member of the family, hides who she is from her human History professor who has secrets of his own while also helping her half-brother, Wade, solve a family mystery. As the youngest of the Strongholds, Wade is left alone in Cale with a mystery to solve. But maybe it's time that he stops muffling the voices he hears in his head and listen to them. With the help of the irritatingly conceited school body president, Maria, Wade will try to solve a mystery that might eventually cause the downfall of the only family he has ever known. Soon, the young Strongholds will have to face their greatest challenge as secrets are uncovered and their loyalty toward their entire eccentric powerful family and its patriarch, Ivor Stronghold, will be put to test. And in the end, they will have to choose between who they are and who they will be willing to save. As angel soldiers from the third sphere continue their blows of mercy against the Strongholds and other powerful beings, an apocalypse brews in the horizon. This fantasy-thriller follows the young Strongholds, their family and friends as they struggle between good and evil, with evil being them.

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The Grace...
by greenwriter