just ash
By cutiesexysaucie
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[{ C O M P L E T E }] "Well, I am ready for my soul to be crushed." - namjoon x original character - idolverse - mature themes - explicit language - sexual situations word count [{ 88k }] - Ash is...well, she's just Ash. Before graduating college with a degree in Art History, Ash has a quarter-life crisis and on a whim applies for a teach abroad program. She's placed in the capital city of South Korea. Soon after graduation, she leaves behind friends, family, and familiarity. Hopping onto a plane to a new world is terrifying; Ash knows nothing of the Korean culture or language. Luckily, she meets a stranger in a 24-hour café who is willing to be her guide. - This story does not reflect the thoughts, opinions, or behaviors of BTS. Though real people and events inspire the characters and storyline, they are merely a figment of my imagination. Just Ash in its entirety is fiction; any semblance to reality is coincidental.


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just ash
by cutiesexysaucie