the sun and the moo...
By Dabinottouya
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as almost everyone in UA knows, shinso is in class 1-b but the pro's decided that he was capable of competing on the level of class 1-A . . denki first met shinso at the UA sports festival and knew instantly that he wanted to be his freind. so when shinso got moved in class 1-A, it was the perfect opportunity to create a friendship with him. Everyone in class 1-A could tell that their friendship might be growing to something much more. some of their class mates were doubtful that they would even get along due to their almost complete opposite personalities, like the sun and the moon. . . All most all of the ships involved in this fanfic ------------------------------- Shindenki Tododeku Kiribaku Seromina Momojiro Erasermic Etc.

The transfer to class 1-A

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the sun a...
by Dabinottouya