The Truth About Mil...
By melodyXriddle
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"She was delicate and pure; something he had never seen before. Her eyes dance with light and her smile eased his mind. Beauty and grace. She meant the world to him. Away from the chaos and hurt." Johnny "Coco" Cruz grew up in a rough world. His mother the town whore and his father nowhere to be seen. Things were never as they seemed and life held nothing but pain and suffering. Joining the MC changed his life; for the better? Coco thought so. The Mayans gave Coco a chance to prove himself. To prove to the world that he would never remain silent. His voice would be heard. At least, that is what Coco believed the MC could do for him. The club might have given Coco a voice but deep in the cracks, he could see the club falling down a path, not even he could agree with. And after meeting a woman named Mila, his life - including the Mayans MC - turn upside down. Mixing their loud and gruesome lives with drugs, terrorism, and deep dark secrets.

The Truth About Mila | MMC

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The Truth...
by melodyXriddle