The Djinn of Cramer...
By jndixon2
  • Fantasy
  • 1800s
  • curses
  • demons
  • djinn
  • fantasy
  • friendship
  • guns
  • history
  • love
  • magic
  • newadult
  • oldwest
  • romance
  • spells
  • western
  • wildwest


Cramer's Creek, Arizona, 1877. ~ The Djinn are dying. Their ancient race, once immortal and powerful, is weakening in its magic and they are becoming more and more human as years go by. When word spreads that dark spirits have escaped their realm, the Djinnis are afraid that they won't be able to stop them. They strike a deal with the spirits: they will not attack the Djinn if they're allowed to be released into the world of the humans. But for Nadine Shaw and Jim Slater, they each have their own reasons for stopping the spirits and protecting the humans. Nadine is torn between two lives--one that is devoted to the Coven and her people, and the other that is tethered to a family that gives her the home she never had. And a forbidden love that can never be. Jim has been away from Cramer's Creek for eight years, running from his past and becoming part of the human world as a bounty hunter. It isn't until his mother falls ill that he decides to come back. Together, they embark on a journey fraught with lies, demons, and whispers of the past echoing through the canyons.

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The Djinn...
by jndixon2