What They Deserve
By HeatherSanders783
  • Horror
  • abduction
  • creaoryawards2020
  • death
  • flirt
  • horror-thriller
  • killer
  • manipulation
  • murder
  • mystery-thriller
  • psycho
  • psycho-thriller
  • psychokiller
  • starlightaward
  • tease
  • thebestselleraward2020
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  • torture
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*1st place in the Aspirants Awards 2020 *1st runner up in the Emerald Gem Awards 2020 *2nd place in the Jade Awards 2020 *2nd place in the Retrograde Awards 2020 *2nd runner up in the Creory Awards 2020 *3rd place in the Creator's Awards 2020 *3rd place in the Evergreen Awards 2020 *3rd place in the Young Writer's Awards 2020 Participant in: #thebestselleraward2020 #arcana2020 Ranked #130 in horror/thriller on 06/17/20 Ranked #122 in horror/thriller on 06/21/20 Ranked #115 in horror/thriller on 08/07/20 Ranked #86 in horror/thriller on 08/18/20 *** There's someone out there abducting young women. And they don't show up again...ever. They just go missing. He tells them that they deserve their punishment. He tells them that they brought it on themselves. Now he has his next victims lined up; the unsuspecting April and Willow. Will he continue to get away with it all? Will he be able to give the two women their punishment? Or has his own brand of vigilante justice come to an end? *** Cover created on Canva Photo found at https://rabbitholetucson.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/abandoned-warehouse-tucson-game-rabbithole.jpg Male shadow photo found at https://pin.it/e7nhuuxfxpw7hs Female shadow photo found at https://pin.it/aplqx5mowzz5l4


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What They...
by HeatherSanders783