I Hate You (YiZhan...
By InfinityLM44
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Wang Yibo known as most notorious Bad Boy and a heartbreaker. Xiao Zhan is known as most calmest person with cheerful mind. Wang Yibo can't stand with Xiao Zhan. Yibo hate Xiao Zhan more than anything in this world. Don't want to hear his name from Xiao Zhan mouth. Wang Yibo mostly hate the way Xiao Zhan smile. Xiao Zhan never get it why Yibo hate him that much. He tried to talk with Wang Yibo but because of his cold behaviour he gets scared. Is that just hate or there is another theory that no one knows. Not even Xiao Zhan. PS : I don't know how to write story of course. My English is really weak. I am writing this because I really love Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan. Forgive me for grammatical errors.

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I Hate Yo...
by InfinityLM44