The Second Bodyguar...
By MatriarchMage
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Azumi was once a nobody, an orphan stuck in a dying wasteland. However, after one fateful day, Azumi was suddenly pulled out of that dismal life and into the life of the capital of Kouka. After quickly being promoted to Kouka's ambassador, and then Princess Yona's bodyguard, Azumi grew and developed into a deadly woman with Hak's annoying sense of humour. As the wheel of fate clicked into place and their small world was shattered in pieces, Azumi was left with two choices. To follow her beloved Princess and her brother like figure, or stay with Soo-won and to find out what led to the death of King Il. To read this book, you do not have to have read the original version. This is an Akatsuki No Yona Fanfiction, so all rights go to Mizuho Kusanagi on the storyline of the Anime/Manga. Only Azumi belongs to me. After a lot of consideration, I decided to re-write the story in a different book altogether. A reader made this suggestion so that others can still access the old book, so I'll honour that suggestion.

Chapter 1

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The Secon...
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