The Guy She Never M...
By Miss_whts_her_name
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'where do u live?'. I text him and wait for a couple of seconds. reply. Nevermind. I change into my usual uniform and was about to put my dress in the locker when I heard a chime. 'On earth Y?'. Wow I didn't knew that. ------------------------------------------------------ Elizabeth Green, a 24 year old part time waitress also works as a secretary to the CEO of met a stranger online who knows everything about her but she knows nothing about him. . . . Eric Samuels King, a 26 year old CEO of, has everything he could ever ask - a billion dollar company, loving parents and a very cute 7 year old sister, Melanie. He never liked social media, yet he joined... She didn't knew who the stranger was but felt something for him... . . . . *NOT EDITED* . . . #1 IN SECRETARY!! (02/04/2020) #1 IN ASSISTANT!! (03/01/2020) #2 IN SWEETROMANCE #6 IN WAITRESS #2 IN BOSS #23 IN ROMANCE!! (01/01/2020) #1 IN MESSAGE!! (22/03/2020) #4 IN CEO


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The Guy S...
by Miss_whts_her_name