We're our own Gods
By RavenScottt
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(Loki x reader) "Now now Loki, you mustn't have your head in the clouds". Your home planet was raided by an unknown force, being the princess to a loyal planet they protected your family with everything your people could muster up from the sudden attack. Asgard was too late to save your kind along with your father leaving only you and your mother alive. At the time you where only four, unknowing of what happen and how many people lost there lives to this I know threat just for you. Thankfully Asgard took you and your mother in, happily treating you like an asgardian and Royal at that! The threat is still unknown to this day...is it still lurking in the shadows...possibly in the light? But one question topped all questions, was the God of mischief truly evil when he took the tesseract, or when he betrayed Thor, or possibly when he made a Group of people bow down to him...or was he doing it all for someone else? (There is no Y/N in this, the character is set as Constance)


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We're our...
by RavenScottt