The Older Man Part I
By princessgibbles
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Curiosity killed the cat... A teenage girl begins an online relationship with an older man but soon discovers that he isn't who he appears to be. - - - "You wanna make Daddy feel good?" He asked as he stroked my chin. I nodded up at him with wide eyes. "Of course you do" He mumbled under his breath with a smile. "Now suck." He commanded in a strong voice. His length was centimeters away from my mouth. I parted my lips and wrapped them around the tip of his length. I heard him moan from above me. I felt my core heating up as more arousal pooled out of me. He sounded so good when he moaned. I love the way he moans. (This story is not edited yet. There will be typos and errors.)

Chapter 1

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The Older...
by princessgibbles