The End Zone
By tweety437
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Kaylyn White is 17 and starting her junior year at Freemont High School. She's wanted to get out of Oakland since she was young. So much shit has happened to her. She plays volleyball and has the grades to get out of Cali. There was only one thing holdin her back For Tyreese King football was everything. Everyone has always talked down on him and sayin he would never get off the streets. All he wanted to do was prove them wrong. He was the best football player at Freemont and best QB in the state. He was born a football player but easily made his way into the streets. The only thing stoppin him from goin into the deep end was Kaylyn. She was his biggest supporter and was his ride or die. Kaylyn and Tyreese have been best friends since they were 5. They love each other and they always got each other back. One game of truth or dare will change everything for them. This year will be a turning point in their lives and will forever change how they feel for each other. A lot of crazy shit will happen Will they loose the game for good or will she meet him in the end zone?


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The End Z...
by tweety437