Burnt Trust
By RavenlessWonders
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A young magician apprentice is on his way to the Wreving Trials, the trials every aspiring young magician must pass in order to become an magician. Rowan also wants to find his parents murderer, guided with only an mysterious sliver bracelet that his parents gave him before they died. He will stop at nothing to see the killer behind bars. Maze, an solitary assassin who wields the power of fire with skill and expertise. She is on an quest to redeem herself, from all the past mistakes she had made, and the countless murders. But first, she needs the money. The annual Valerian Guard competition seems like the best place for that. When this unlikely pair are forced to work together, they find an even bigger threat that overrides both of their situations. Will they be able to overcome old grudges and greed to defeat this threat? This story is set in the fantasy world of Valeria, were a portion of the population have powers, known in Valeria as 'Skillsets'. People who don't have powers can harness the wisp of magic that normal people can access, but even the most powerful magicians can't beat the most average of skillsets. Although, the magicians can do all sorts of types of skills, that range from water powers to super strength, when Skillsets can only use one, specific type of skill. Mostly action, adventure, and sarcastic remarks. Although somehow a little bit of romance snuck into here somehow... just a little bit :)


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Burnt Tru...
by RavenlessWonders