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WATTPAD FEATURED STORY: HIDDEN GEMS Tara Shinde only dated a very specific brand of the human male species--the ones who joined her at protest marches for feminism and sea turtles, drank artisanal coffee made with almond milk and liberated themselves with their messy man-buns. The one man who definitely did not match her aesthetic, which in itself was as niche as the cinema Tara favoured, was the risque stand-up comedian, Agastya Thakur. She did not know what brought them together that day, for she refused to believe it was destiny, but the moment Agastya Thakur opened his mouth on her wildly popular podcast, La Politeiaa, Tara knew that this was a man worthy of nothing but her abhorrence. He possessed a reputation within the Delhi comedy circuit for being utterly offensive, politically incorrect but worst of all crimes, Agastya Thakur happened to love Candy Crush Saga. Yet somehow Tara found herself in his bed every morning, caressing his outdated moustache and even more outdated opinions, with only one question running through her mind, the one which the entire world comes together to debate on: Left or Right?


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