The Fate Of Broken...
By Al_Masian
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- PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS 'The Scars Of Your Love' - Emmeline Adams is just getting settled into her new life as a college student in Berkeley, California. She has her entire life mapped out on paper and her sights set on a successful career. However, when dropping off her new roommate at a party the day before college begins, she stumbles across a pair of grey eyes that derail her plans before she ever realises it. Aiden Blackwood was known for his bad temper and lack of empathy. However, behind the tall walls he's built to protect himself, he's far more than just an acclaimed villain. He symbolises everything Emma distrusts. She embodies everything Aiden fears. So what happens when this shattered man surrounded by darkness discovers a light at the end of a very long tunnel? --- Hi Everyone! This is my first story so it's a little rough around the edges, definitely not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. MATURE AUDIENCE WARNING: May contain graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes. Keeping track since 21/08/2023 #1 in complicated (09/04/2024) #1 in oppositesattract (29/03/2024) #2 in comingofage (29/03/2024) #2 in lovehate (31/01/2024) #1 in complicatedrelationships (14/11/2023) #1 in trending (5/11/2023) #1 in badpast (21/10/2023) #1 in heartbreak (07/09/2023) #1 in jealousy (07/09/2023) #1 in romanticsuspense (26/08/2023) #1 in youngromance (21-08-23) (09/04/2024)

Chapter 1

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The Fate...
by Al_Masian