Transmigration: The...
By ShinSungmii
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Lee Soohyun was known as a shameless flirt among her colleagues and friends. Although she was a virgin, she took herself to be the one who'd be eating the guys. Therefore, waking up to find herself ruthlessly eaten up, Soohyun's pride had been mercilessly trampled on and she desired to take revenge for it. What bought a greater surprise to her was that she had been transmigrated into the popular online novel, CEO and the pauper. What's worse was that she had been transmigrated into the body of the cannon fodder, Moon Jiwoo. Although Moon Jiwoo was a beautiful capable of stunning majority, her shameless behaviour made others hate him. With her continuous attempts to court the main lead and ruin the female lead, she had earned a quite lot of reputation among the common people. The one who took her virginity was the main villain of the story, and his face was always hidden under a mask. Operating a mafia, he was known to be a dangerous man among the females. Nonetheless, according to the plotline, Soohyun was married to this villain, and although the villain was someone she should be wary of, she was forced by her system to flirt with him. Even if she was known for her flirty nature, this was just too much! _______________

001 System Fairy Tale

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by ShinSungmii