The Alpha's Nerd
By Rollajabi
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Lonely and poor nerd, Mia Evans, enjoys a life where she can listen to Nirvana, Panic! At The Disco and hang out with her conventionally attractive and wealthy best friend, Chasity. However, after bumping into bad boy, Blake Griffin, in the hallway, a secret affair between the unlikely two commences. But there's one thing Mia doesn't know: her boyfriend is the Alpha Werewolf. As dark forces and secrets make their way to cause havoc for the couple, jealousy and high school rivalries are already tormenting the totally non-cliche romance. As we read, we're left thinking: are the nerd and the bad boy really strong enough to survive highschool and werewolf drama? 2012 literary tropes meets 2019 satire in this mash up of corny romance, drama, conventionally attractive characters, vape pens and really great humour from an author who grew up reading wattpad books, and is now making fun of them.


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The Alpha...
by Rollajabi