Un Ordinary (O2L Fa...
By Bad_Bish_97
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Hi my name I Scarlett Caylen yes JC Caylens younger 19 year old sister well umm first off I have golden brown hair and well mood changing eyes here are the emotions Electric Blue: Normal Pastel Purple: In Love Pastel Blue: Exited/Happy Pastel Pink: Lying Lime Green: Adventurous Blue Grey: Embarrassed Dark Blue: Sad/Upset Blood Red: Evil Now when I am Evil my eyes go red I grow red devil horns my outfit goes red I go very pale my hair turns blood red and I have red gargoyle wings and I am an evil beotch. I am also a sorceress and I have a moon carved in my left hand and a sun carved in my right hand and I have had then ever since I was a baby so I hope you enjoy my crazy life.

Chapter 1 Meeting The Guys

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Un Ordina...
by Bad_Bish_97