Renae Dreams Trilogy
By _jasthewriter
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It's been 5 sweet years since the wedding and the Stone family has grown tremendously. Not only was the drug business doing well for Kingston and Kwan, their legal business was also going well, King managed to expand his business to California where he opened up 2 weed dispensaries, one located in West Hollywood and the other located on Crenshaw boulevard and West Slauson Ave. Renae and Ayanna teamed up with dance, whereas Renae taught pole classes, hip hop and ballet, Ayanna taught the tourists and locals more about the Caribbean culture. The family was doing well for themselves but there were secrets and familiar faces that could ruin things for everyone, in a world where everything seems to be going just too good, there's always the Devil hiding in the cut ready to make his appearance. Take a ride with the Stone family on this rocky emotional rollercoaster, full of secrets, schemes, lies, betrayal, and possible heartache, let's see if Love truly can conquer all... ©️2019-2020 _jasthewriter I do not own the photos or videos, this story is fiction and came strictly from my thoughts.

1.) Renae... 5 years later

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Renae Dre...
by _jasthewriter