A Passing-Through K...
By Aniqialhasyir
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Y/N was just a normal teenager. In what would seem like a dream, he was chosen to be the next Kamen Rider Decade. The next day, monsters started coming out from a portal. Now, he ventures off to the parallel worlds in order to save them. Can he save the parallel worlds? Or will he destroy them like he was fated to? This is my first book so this is gonna be challenging. Please go easy on me and if you find any spelling mistakes or any grammatical error, just tell me. I'm sure that if you do that, you'll help me learn how to this stuff much easier. That's it. Buh-bye! Ah. You may be wondering why the title change. Well you see, to put it simply, you just have to see and find out when future me decides to upload a chapter regardibg all of this. Welp. Talk to you later.


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A Passing...
by Aniqialhasyir