Fairest: Ash &...
By alexandriaASHE
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| " | The last bit of energy she had left, she used to push the beast away, to keep it nestled deep inside. She rolled onto her back and looked up at the sun, bright and unforgiving. Where once was welcome in the crisp, cool, fresh air of her mountain home, the sun was beaming down on her like a wrathful god. Merciless. Then again she didn't deserve mercy. | " | _________________ Hardly a Snow White Retelling, this story blends elements of not only Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but also Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin as it creates a world a mischief, magic, and mortals. Cursed by her sister, Princess Flora is chased from her home and is forced into a life of slavery. She is bought by an overbearing, harsh blacksmith who puts her to work mending clothes. Her focus shifts from fighting the monstrous curse inside of her to accepting the person she is flaws and all. Over time, she learns her master's physical scars are a mere shadow to the inner demons that wage war within him. The more of the man she discovers, the more she finds herself fighting an undeniable attraction to him. Neither of them can run far or fast enough to escape their pasts or the darkness that dwells inside. BOOK 1: Fairest:Ash & Soot UPLOAD SCHEDULE :: I'm actively writing this story so I will upload when I upload!

CHAPTER 1: Sorrow & Sand

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by alexandriaASHE