Fish Out of Water
By DrewJes
  • Fantasy
  • atlantis
  • mermaid
  • politicalromance
  • pretendrelationship
  • sisters
  • timetravel


Astrid is the crown princess of Atlantis, but she barely has time to worry about the kingdom with six younger sisters to watch over, especially with the youngest coming into her powers as a daughter of the sea to navigate time. When Astrid fears that baby Lena has sneaked out of the confines of the city to practice her dangerous magic, she and her sisters escape their father's protection to save her. And find her caught in worse straights than they imagined. After swimming right into the trap set in place by a vindictive sea witch, Astrid and her sisters find themselves tossed through different time currents of the seven seas, banished from Atlantis until each one can break their curse. Waking up just off the coast of New Jersey in South Carolina in 2019, Astrid finds herself in the middle of Hurricane Dorian and fighting the tides to rescue the man she must make fall in love with her to break her curse so she can save her sisters. Too bad he's already in love with someone else. A Little Mermaid retelling with fish story of a twist. Cover by @Avadel.

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Fish Out...
by DrewJes