As Long As You Love...
By unicornloverb
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September 2003 Narrator's POV Rebecca was up and ready for the first day of her tenth grade year at six am. Colby on the other hand well it was getting close to seven am and he was still snuggled underneath his covers. He opened his eyes slightly to see two flashes from a flash light dance across his bedroom wall. He smiled at himself as that was Rebecca. He flung the covers off of himself and went to his bedroom window. There in her window was Rebecca smiling at him.He waved and she waved back. He grabbed his white board and wrote Good Morning Bex and held it up. She smiled and looked at her white board a few moments later she turned it and it said Good Morning Lopez :). He smiled and wrote How did you sleep?. She laughed and wrote Good and you? she turned it around.


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As Long A...
by unicornloverb