The Sick Mate
By RentForLife
  • Teen Fiction
  • danger
  • humans
  • love
  • sick
  • wattys2017


17 year old girl Lauren Daniels one day couldn't breathe and her heart was giving her pain she then blacked out. She woke up in the hospital which she thought was the next day but in fact it was a month. But that wasn't the strange thing, when she woke there was a strange boy sitting next to her hospital bed. She wondered who he was but soon she figures out soon who he was and what he was. 18 year old Shawn Kings, Alpha of the strongest and most powerful pack in the U.S, The Blood Moon Pack, finds his mate, but when he finds her in a hospital bed close to death and might never get better is it really a joyous occasion? Will Shawn save her from her sickness that will give her death or would he just make her life shorter than it already is? Read more to find out


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The Sick...
by RentForLife