Defying Fate
By hope640
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" A child conceived despite the chastity 21 years of age, she would fulfill the prophecy Thorns of emotions would be her downfall By fire or darkness, she must make the call A man of lightness would enthrall her Changing the scenario into a blur Blade of warmth touches the heart The destiny of a brand new start " - A new prophecy has been made. And its fulfillment is inevitable. - Gemini Powers was fated to end the world. She, who was conceived having a virgin mother, will be the cause of the apocalypse. On her 21st birthday, the demon blood that had been inactive all these years will run through her veins. It will poison her heart. It will rot her soul. And her responsibility shall be done. Xavier Cross was fated to save the world. He, who was born in ordinary life, will do anything to stop the apocalypse. His existence was mere because of his role in Earth. He would save his life and a billion others. And his responsibility shall be done. Yet these two stubborn people weren't as responsible as the Seven Fates had thought. To what extent would they reach to escape their roles? What sacrifices will they make to defy fate?

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Defying F...
by hope640