Saint (Kelly Severi...
By Big_turd_blossom
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"Sunny, I want to be honest with you." He took his hand off of hers. "I'm not good with relationships that are more than friends, and half the time I can't even keep female friends." Sunny nodded her head gently. "The more you hang out with me and around here, Sunny, the more you're going to hear about it. I have a long list of one night stands and flings and-and I don't.... Sunny, I don't want you on that list. I don't want to do that to you. I'm not the saint you think I am." She dropped her eyes down to her hands. Her fingertips traced a scar along the back of her hand. "And you think I am?" Severide said nothing. Sunny shifted around on the bench and leaned against his shoulder. "We have a lot more in common than you think, Kelly Severide." DISCLAIMER I do not own any of the Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire characters. I only have the rights to my characters.

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Saint (Ke...
by Big_turd_blossom