Our Land of Moonlit...
By Arion_Nimbus
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The moonlit dawn betrays little to secrecy. However, as twilight finally falls upon a peaceful era in the country of Godes S'ey, it reveals one last question to be answered; what is light, without darkness? Things should have been simple for Siulan Fei, who had no more ambition than to live a content life befitting that of a saddlers' daughter alongside Ever, her best friend. Perhaps this was too much to ask, for as the twilight settles, everything that Siulan can be certain of is torn from her future. In her endeavour to merely stay by his side, she finds herself entangled in a fight much larger than what she first thought. But Everett Arslan is a boy surrounded by secrets that even he may not know of, secrets that might test their friendship. (Will try to update on the second Saturday of every month!)


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Our Land...
by Arion_Nimbus