The Beast
By maha_mehar
  • Romance
  • aesthetic
  • age-gap
  • dark
  • desi
  • forced
  • hatelove
  • love
  • marriage
  • maturethemes
  • noncon
  • obsession
  • pakistan
  • possessive
  • revenge
  • travel
  • urdu


"Doll..." Her lower lips trembled as she backed up against the wall , feeling the ground sway beneath her. A warm hand trailed up her waist , pausing just beneath her collar bones. "You know how tempted I am ; to take you away to a place where nobody can see you , it would be just the two of us ; I'll be lost in you and you will be lost in me ..." The warm hand crept up to swipe a thick finger against her lower trembling lips. "No... I want Akhii, I wanna go back , p-please" A growl erupted from the man in front of her , she flinched away , remembering what this man was capable of ; "you're mine doll ; you ain't going Nowhere" A pair of rough lips swallowed her sobs , she remained stiff as the man violated her lips. maybe, this was her fate .... ~ Gulaab mukhtar khan ; the girl with a bubbly personality; who's laugh and giggles lighten the dark world around her , her beauty was the exact manifestation of her name ; she was the Apple of everyone's eyes , experiencing happiness all her life , she never knew the harsh reality of world untill a certain man with deep black eyes entered her life , uninvited ! and caused a havoc ... Ebek Sherdil awarkzai ; the rising young narcisstic politician, who never cared for anyone in his life , not even his parents; untill he caught the sight of an innocent 19 year old girl , he still don't know what intrigued him , what was so different about her ? He takes whatever his heart desires and he's planing to claim that girl as his own whether by love or by force....

A new esteem

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The Beast...
by maha_mehar