Love Beyond Reasons
By MelodyQuill
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Three different worlds, yet they all share the same destiny. Princess Kiara and Prince Kion live in the Pride Lands, with Kiara destined to become the future Queen, while Kion is to become the new leader of the Lion Guard. Despite their differences growing up, these two siblings did have something in common. They had made a friend that lived in the forbidden Outlands. Kovu was raised by hateful Outsiders, and being taught and trained to exact revenge on Simba in the name of the villainous Scar. He was to get closer to the princess in order to carry it out. And Jasiri was a hyena, her species forever scorned by their disrespect for the Circle of Life, and by their alliance with Scar. But she was different than the rest, and yet, in order to protect her family who also share her ideals, she was forced to one day betray the prince, who trusts her with his life. If this three-way war was to truly end once and for all, both Kiara and Kion must learn not only what it means to truly be one, but also a deeper meaning of "sisi ni sawa", and with the power of upendi.


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