Boy In Luv
By foreverinfinite96
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|| C O M P L E T E D || Having a guy constantly confess to you everyday can be tiring especially when you don't like him at all. That's what Soobin has to face every morning. Lucky he's not in the same class with her. Another trouble; her seatmate. A guy who didn't give damn about a single thing happen around them. Constantly forcing Soobin to take the note for the lesson in class. What else can she do? Then she stumbled onto another trouble... Jeon Jungkook, grew up in a complicated family. His daily life was surround by maids since his family are busy most of the time. Can this young man finally find his happiness in his life? Highest ranking #1 in schoolromance (23/12/19) #84 in suga (25/11/19) #1 in jeonjungkook (20/5/2020)

Chapter 1

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Boy In Luv
by foreverinfinite96