Purgatory (Sweetest...
By tracegirl24
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Amy is more certain than ever of her feelings and future with Javier until his past with the Ramirez Crime Family catches up with him and a witness steps forward in the disappearance of her cousin, Ryan Stern. ****** Amy Stern found love in troubled and handsome Javier Ramirez. As she approaches the end of high school and her eighteenth birthday, she is more optimistic than ever that her happily ever after will soon follow. Javier teeters precariously between his new life with Amy and the demands of the Ramirez Crime Family. As Amy pressures him to leave his past behind, he finds words are easier than actions. When Amy involves herself in a dangerous confrontation, Javier makes drastic moves to neutralize a threat and agrees to a dark deal, pulling him back to the world he meant to escape and sending his world crumbling around him. The tragic death of one of their family members at the hands of the other will place them on opposite sides as lies, jealousy, and distortions distance them. Will they be able to find their way back to each other and heal their wounds, or will battle lines leave scars too deep to heal? When a witness to her cousin's disappearance, Ryan Stern, suddenly comes forward with overwhelming evidence to contradict Javier's story, she will be left to question everything he told her.

Back From The Dead

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by tracegirl24