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THIS BOOK IS ON HOLD FOR EDITS AND UPDATING. DO NOT READ PLEASE. Lori Phillips. Popular for her beauty, intelligence and kindness. She is a good girl, always has been a good girl but they don't know her secret. They don't know that she is incredibly rude to this one person, and that is Ekon Smith. Luckily, Lori doesn't have to deal with him anymore. Or that's what she thought... *********** In the last week of summer break, Ekon Smith unexpectantly returns to the neighbourhoods of Winslow, Arizona to finish his last school year in Winslow High. He is hotter than ever and definitely taller and stronger. He is welcomed by everyone all except Lori Phillips. She hates him. Absolutely hates him. When everyone starts to ignore Lori to hang out with the now-very-popular Ekon Smith, Lori gets real mad. She wants her popularity back, so she comes up with a plan. The first step is to gain his trust. Too easy! Or she thought. With everything spiralling out of control, it is harder to be kind. Before she realizes, she joins the mean girls club. Now, who will fix her? Who will lead her to happiness again? This book is a teen fiction/romance.

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by susanxlin