Rumor Has It [ A Ha...
By stylishmuser
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COMPLETED // Updated periodically with post-story drabbles. WARNING: This story will contain a brief singular mention of physical abuse, ptsd, heavy alcohol consumption, blackmail, smut, and the death of a parent. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Harry Styles is 26 and wants more than anything to be left alone to get over his broken heart. Ishika Arora is 22, Bollywood's sweetheart, and has quite the reputation. She's lived her entire life at the whim of her father's wrath. One drunken mistake and one forced decision brings these two together - 6 months of manufactured chemistry in India, England, and the US to prove they're the real deal. A fake dating OU about media perception, what sacrifices it takes to be a star, family (or the lack thereof), and a boy who takes care of a girl like nobody else ever has.


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Rumor Has...
by stylishmuser