Reborn My Way
By Evangleline
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What happens when a girl from our world dies before her time and is given another chance at life but not as a human. She finds herself reborn as Grayson Gilbert's much younger half-sister and sole heir of another founding family, the Maxwell's. A background she asked for and a background she got. She wanted to save Damon and Elijah from having their hearts ripped out by the doppelgängers back and forth and disastrous relationships by being there for them. What happens when she doesn't know all of her background? Why is there a picture from 1864 of her with Damon Salvatore? She only planned on being their friend so what happens when they both want her? Be careful what you wish for after all you may just end up with more then you asked for. With Amelia Lucinda Maxwell being born into the Vampire Diaries fate is rewritten. I own nothing but my own originality and unfortunately The Vampire Diaries is not part of it.

Chapter 1: Death and Rebirth

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Reborn My...
by Evangleline