Bts x kamikaze coll...
By Jenna_kim_the_best67
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so this is about bts collaborating with Thailand Singer and let's just say Instead of thank you cream may and 3 +1 other was sick since they have a horrible condescension Kamikaze then got along with their sister before their team mates died by a disease sickness will they able to beat Bangtan music or just maybe becoming friends then emmies . ships contain jimin x chaeyoung jungkook x Lisa jin x jisoo taehyung x Jennie RM namjoonie namjoon x Renaeè Suga August d Yoongi x Mandy j-hope hobi hoseok sunshine x Sandy Containers with a millions of smuts in this story so please be patient with my writings since I can't write a lot because when I do it's just get all messed up with everything I have in the story everyone So enjoy the story And ready to go and read to find out what is going to be happening in the book .

Chapter 1 - The collaborate with Thai singers

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Bts x kam...
by Jenna_kim_the_best67