I Fell In Love With...
By mekaylapridget
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Aspen Bailey is what everyone would refer to as a nerd. She wears black rimmed glasses and a high ponytail, She never shows more skin than necessary, and she constantly has her face in a book. Her classmates either envy her or despise her because she's best friends with the most popular girl in school. Charlotte Wilder is what everyone would refer to as a bitch. She's rude and an ice queen to anyone that she doesn't like, She hates when people tell her what to do, and she constantly sneaks out of her house. Her classmates love her and want to either date her or be her. Everyone knows that Charlotte and Aspen have been best friends since middle school, so they're cautious about what they say to Aspen. One day Charlotte catches them bullying her so she does what she's best at... being a bitch. What they didn't expect was to develop feelings for each other at one of the worst times ever. Can they handle it? Or do they ruin their friendship forever?

01. Bullies

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I Fell In...
by mekaylapridget