The Waiting Soul
By Coffeenbookz96
  • Paranormal
  • angel
  • art
  • beloved
  • betrayal
  • eternal
  • fantasy
  • fated
  • forever
  • guardian
  • king
  • love
  • loved
  • mate
  • one
  • paranormal
  • protective
  • romance
  • statue
  • supernatural


They would come from all over the world. The tourist with their cameras and cellphones. Some had tour guides and were in larger groups, some were with just their families, and occasionally there would be one lone stranger. They wanted to see it. They wanted to know if it was true. The city itself was beautiful, or it had been a very long time ago. It's been centuries now. In a forgotten corner of the town, hidden in a gate enclosed courtyard, ivy vines covering most of the opening was a statue. The statue was intricately carved, with amazingly accurate detail. It was an amazing feat. The sculptor is unknown, and whoever the model was has never been discovered. It was a statue of a man, who appeared to be a king or royalty of some kind. No one really knows, and even more have forgotten that it even existed in the first place. But there is a legend. If you go to the statue and clasp your hand in his, if the two are meant to be the man will be freed from his stone imprisonment. Many have tried and failed. This is the story of the statue.


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The Waiti...
by Coffeenbookz96