The ORION Project
By KweenKlara
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • africa
  • artemis
  • familydrama
  • lagos
  • mystery
  • newadult
  • nigeria
  • richkids
  • secrets
  • university
  • whodunit


FEATURED IN AMBASSADORSNG' MYSTERY READING LIST WATTPAD HQ FEATURED (JUNE 2020) Grace Ilori is a stressed out final year diploma student in the prestigious Lagos state university. Saddled with final year exams, projects, decisions concerning her future and barely passing a vital course. To top it all, her parents are getting a divorce, her brother is a relapsing drug addict and her sister a kleptomaniac. School is not as easy as it sounds, especially when a secret organization that masquerades as a book club is hell bent on recruiting her. An organization that controls the inner circle of the university's government and all its dark secrets. Kendrick Yong is hell bent on getting revenge and finding his best friend's killer. He walks around the campus with a death wish. He is determined to join the same organization that murdered his best friend. While he solves the clue of the murder that haunts him, he finds himself with the malevolent threat of death hanging over his head. Both new recruits of ORION, Grace and Kendrick find their paths intwined with one goal in mind; destroy ORION and everything it stands for.


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The ORION...
by KweenKlara