Bloody Rose : The B...
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It is said if you speak the same words at the time of your death as another person, your lives are swapped and you must live on in their life. Rose, a young woman living a normal life in the united states, dies in a massacre at a convention. Rei, a young girl stolen from her home after her mother was killed before here eyes, a government experiment transformed her, and she struggled through her escape, eventually dying at the hands of the traitorous pirate, Blue Jam. Following Rose we start the long adventure as she becomes the worlds most Dangerous woman, trained by Greek Gods and magically manages to catch the love of many of her favorite One Piece characters. __________________________________________________________________________________ I am not to Amazing with summaries and grammar, I know this, but please any Constructive Criticism will be welcomed. [ I only own my characters, One piece in its entirety belongs to Eiichiro Oda. ]

Death Swap

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Bloody Ro...
by user05972909