Something Like Happy
By CynicalOptimist15
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Amberpricefield Fanfiction AU I own NONE of the LiS characters! Please don't sue me! I hope you like this incredibly annoying ball of angst that I've been working on. Chloe always assumed that Max's life after Arcadia Bay, after her, was great. She assumed that the Caulfields moved into a nice house in a nice Seattle suburb and Max went to a nice school. She assumed that her dad worked at that important law firm rolling in the big bucks and her mom stayed at home to be there for Max. That was their plan. But her assumptions would be wrong. Max's father lost his job not long after they settled into Seattle. Maybe a year. So Max's mom got a job at the local grocery store. Her dad works as a barback part time, the rest of his time is spent drinking, blaming all his problems on everyone but himself, and beating Max and her mother. The school that Max goes to is full of pretentious assholes that use Max as there personal punching bag (verbal & otherwise). One day, Max finally snaps. She's sick of her father's destructive behavior. So she's does something about it. The results are catastrophic. Now Max is just trying to move past the events of her youth by attending Blackwell Academy. She wants to fly under the radar until graduation and then disappear. But Chloe and her longtime girlfriend Rachel have other plans. And Max's photography teacher isn't who he seems to be. PS. I have NOT edited this yet so please be nice. 😎👍


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by CynicalOptimist15